Specialized Monitoring

Specialized Monitoring

At ADT, being the unqualified leader in home security monitoring is not enough.

To stay at the cutting edge of customer service and convenience, ADT offers several specialized monitoring services to help you and your loved ones feel safe around the clock no matter where you are.

Government Monitoring
Because ADT helps protect some of the most important buildings and facilities in our nation, such as government buildings and airports, ADT provides some of the most advanced security technologies for both products and monitoring capabilities. Among the many specialized monitoring technologies ADT offers is Offender Monitoring, a range of sophisticated products that helps municipalities reduce the time and money spent on supervising parolees. From Cellular RF Monitoring, to Area and Perimeter Monitoring, to state-of-the-art GPS tracking, ADT can offer a variety of solutions tailored to specific challenges and situations. Whatever the agency or facility, ADT Government professionals will learn the demands of your job, and then help you choose from a wide range of products and service — the most advanced and cost-effective in the industry — and help you customize a security solution.

Medical Monitoring
When seniors live alone or are sometimes without a caregiver for brief or extended periods of time, ADT Companion Services can help them stay active around the house and enjoy more independent lives — and affords you greater peace of mind. The ADT Companion Services Personal Response System (PRS) features a wireless and waterproof Personal Help Button with a signal range of 300 feet that can allow a senior to get emergency assistance from any room in virtually any home, day or night. It also works with a two-way voice intercom, so an ADT monitoring specialist, specially trained for Companion Services, can speak with your patient or loved one. If there is an emergency they can send help — they can call to dispatch an ambulance or notify a relative or neighbor. This creates a much safer home environment and allows a senior to live independently and with dignity.

MobileSafety™— GPS Monitoring
ADT helps millions of families feel safe and secure in their homes. Now, thanks to MobileSafety, ADT can help you feel protected when you leave your home as well. Whether you've had an accident, your car is broken down or you're lost in the middle of nowhere, MobileSafety can help protect you in ways you never imagined. MobileSafety is a mobile GPS security device equipped with a hands-free speakerphone. With the push of a single button, it connects you to ADT's 24-hour MobileSafety monitoring center where trained professionals can alert police, fire, ambulance or roadside assistance to your location. They can even provide directions to the nearest hospital, veterinary clinic, hotel or restaurant. Just plug the MobileSafety unit into the cigarette lighter of your car. It's so small it can easily be moved from car to car. Plus, using MobileSafety's ADT Trak option, you can locate a car in real time on our secure website or by phone.